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SecretCaps’ Video Interview with BeWhere Holding’s CEO Owen Moore

Today on video interviews, I had the pleasure of speaking with Owen Moore, CEO of BeWhere Holdings LLC – Currently my (Tom’s) second largest holding in Canada.

The conversation was very interesting, and covered:

1) The significance of BeWhere’s major partners and resellers (Bell, GeoTab) and their recent deals (Mobilizz, Fleet Complete and others)

2) The beacon product itself, and the advantages over traditional RFID chips

3) What we can expect moving into 2017

4) The experience of management, and how they are very aligned with shareholders

5) The significance of how a small nanocap company has significant industry partners, deals underway, a low burn rate and an experienced and aligned management team.

For more information on the story, check out our original post released first to PRO readers:

BeWhere Holdings: A Pulsing, Immutable NanoCap Growth Story

This Post Was Released FIRST For Pro Readers

Disclosure: This article is strictly informational and educational. This content is not trading or investment advice. The author is LONG shares of BEW.V from 0.17 CAD and recently added shares at 0.135. This article was written on the best available information and sources we could find, and may be subject to errors. BeWhere entered into a contract with SecretCaps LLC after our original posting of the original version of this report on May 2, 2016, we have since updated our report. Moving forward, SecretCaps is being compensated twenty-five hundred dollars a month under a two-month campaign awareness program. By reading this post you agree to SecretCaps’ full TERMS OF USE and agree to and understand SecetCaps Disclaimer.

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