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The Evolution of (non-powered) Asset Tracking

Well managed inventory, tools and equipment can improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce downtime. BeWhere's focus is on the design and development of cost-effective innovations in inventory management and asset tracking. Our most in demand offering is a Low-Power Cellular Asset Tracking solution tailored for environments that call for ruggedized and weatherproof devices for industrial installations. The software, middleware and firmware is stand-alone but can also be integrated into your existing software applications.

Break Down Features

BeWhere's solutions combine real-time location and on-board sensors such light exposure, temperature, and motion detection for goods and equipment in transit or at facilities.

Cost Effective

Whether using Bluetooth® connectivity or the new 5G low-power networks, the BeWhere solutions are made to be affordable and leverage new technologies emerging around the world.

Integration with Telematics

BeWhere integrates with a tracking device installed in the vehicle to facilitate monitoring of valuable assets, both in transit and at facilities.

Cloud-based Applications

Data from BeWhere's devices are transmitted to our BeWhere cloud-based web portal but can also be integrated to an organization’s existing software via our API.

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