Month: June 2020

Bell Canada and BeWhere: Cost-effective cellular IoT solutions for asset tracking

Early movers in asset tracking show examples of low-powered cellular IoT devices that drive the cellular IoT market forward.

Article by Ericsson


  • Insights into how BeWhere, an innovative Canadian IoT solutions developer, and communications service provider (CSP) Bell Canada successfully partnered for a joint market approach to accelerate enterprise customer acquisition and drive IoT revenue growth
  • As a disrupter and first-mover, BeWhere is a market leader in asset tracking and connected sensors for cellular devices using newly deployed low-power wide-area IoT networks (LTE-M and NB-IoT)
  • Bell Canada partnered with BeWhere to supplement its existing IoT solutions and Ericsson has now enabled a new business model for customers to manage their solutions through its portal.
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Asset Tracking By Fleet Complete

In business, when you have a lot of moving parts – drivers on the road and a warehouse full of high-value assets – it’s easy for something to get lost. With Fleet Complete’s battery-powered Asset Trackers, you can track any of your expensive tools or equipment, like forklifts, generators, trailers, disposal bins – and install it in seconds! These trackers also integrate with your regular Fleet Complete vehicle-tracking platform, so you can have your fleet and assets show on one screen. Now, that’s convenient!

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