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BeWhere Now Network Optimized and FirstNet Trusted Certification on Its Next Generation Trackers

TORONTO, ON. May 16, 2024 – BeWhere (TSX-V: BEW, OTCQB: BEWFF) (“BeWhere” or the “Company”), a MobileInternet of Things (M-IoT) company is pleased to announce that the company’s recently launched devices have received Network Optimized (NO) and FirstNet Trusted certification from AT&T. AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, has granted BeWhere Technical Acceptance (TA) for the BeSol+, BeWired+, BeTen+, and BeMini products.

These certifications cover BeWhere’s suite of IoT asset tracking and inventory management products and solutions that enable real-time visibility, analytics, and management for small, medium, and large enterprises. BeWhere’s solutions are cost effective and can be rapidly deployed, making the products an integral part of AT&T IoT solutions in North America, as well as globally.

These new AT&T certifications position the BeWhere and AT&T combined offerings as one of the most comprehensive portfolios of Asset Tracking and Inventory Management solutions in the U.S.   Network Optimized devices are either distributed by AT&T, carry the brand, or are part of a larger service offering. Devices are tested for SIM and RAN compatibility, user experience, and security readiness. FirstNet devices offer first responders guaranteed priority and preemption when needed. Find more information about FirstNet here.

  • The BeSol+ is a solar rechargeable tracker with backup battery that is used to track outdoor assets such as dry vans. It is installed in minutes and can withstand harsh weather conditions while providing frequent location updates of the asset which can be used to determine asset utilization to fleet managers.
  • The BeWired+ can be wired to powered assets such as construction equipment (tractors, backhoes, skids steers etc.) and provides hours of services and location based on ignition on or off. It is also the tracker of choice for non-powered assets such as flatbeds or chassis which then recharges when the tractor is connected to the trailer. When not receiving power, the BeWired+ will continue to provide location updates using its internal backup battery and can be used on indoors or outdoors assets.
  • The BeTen+ is the simplest tracker featuring a replaceable battery and can be configured to offer 1 to 4 location updates a day starting at a specific time. It can be used indoors or outdoors for example to keep counts of pallets within distribution centers or keep inventory on assets such as containers that remain for extended period of times on construction sites.
  • The BeMini is the smallest tracker that can either be used on a rechargeable battery or hardwired to provide frequent location updates indoors or outdoors. It is used widely around the world in the bike share industry to help operators keep track of thousands of bikes as well as monitor battery levels on electric bicycles. Additional use cases include tracking medical equipment such as stretchers, vaccines, packages, and other industrial assets such as scissor lifts. It is also certified to operate with airlines thanks to its “airplane mode.”

All of BeWhere’s hardware includes location services using GPS outdoor, Wi-Fi location indoor, as well as onboard sensors (temperature, air pressure, humidity, light, accelerometer). BeWhere’s cloud-based platform allows in-depth management of the trackers including various alerts and reports such as in/out of Geozones, utilization of assets, motion events, temperature report, etc. Finally, BeWhere’s open APIs allow resellers to combine the tracker with an existing software solution such as fleet management or construction software so that all assets and vehicles are managed under a single pane of glass solution.

Margaux Berry, VP Strategy and Growth commented “Our certifications come after a very comprehensive series of multi-level testing, and certainly validate the quality of our trackers and software. We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art tracking solutions to partners’ clients which range from small enterprises to governments, and to the largest Fortune 500 companies; and doing so with confidence.”

Alban Hoxha, CTO, stated, ‘The new product suite B4-MIOT, coupled with AI integration into hardware management and optimization, offers significant benefits across multiple industries, enhancing performance, efficiency, and reliability.’

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About BeWhere

BeWhere (TSXV: BEW, OTCQB: BEWFF) is a Mobile Internet of Things (“M-IoT”) solutions company that designs and sells self-powered hardware with sensors and software applications. Our solutions serve two main markets: (1) Asset Tracking, consisting of remote location tracking various non-powered fixed and movable assets such as trailers, dry vans etc., and (2) Connected Sensors, to remotely track information on assets for water pressure, water detection and soil moisture. BeWhere’s devices use the latest available cellular technologies (LTE-M and NB-IoT) to transmit collected data into mobile applications and cloud-based platforms, at a much lower cost than traditional cellular networks. BeWhere also offers solutions that can be fully integrated with existing software, and white-labeled. BeWhere’ solutions are innovative, offering low-cost sophisticated technology which allows customers to deploy remote tracking technology where cost was previously prohibitive.

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