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BeWhere’s Las Vegas 2022 Mobile World Congress Event Video

BeWhere is pleased to share our exclusive insights captured during GSMA‘s 2022 Las Vegas MWC conference!

For this event, we demonstrated, in conjunction with our amazing partners T-Mobile Business Mobility Partners, Trevor Motorcycles and AT&T, the ever-growing power of IoT.

We are excited to see the adoption of IoT growing tremendously over the past four years, since the deployments of those IoT networks by telecommunication operators.

For this event, we showed the adoption of IoT in new and growing industries that BeWhere is witnessing, such as the Electric Vehicles’ market, by equipping Trevor’s e-motorcycle with our new BeMini. With a quick wiring that also keeps the device charged up, the BeMini track both the bike and the rider; while also capturing additional information such as the bike’s battery life, along with fall detection.

We also demonstrated the simple power of IoT in the ever-growing sensor market by offering participants a chance to measure up to our strongperson challenge by hitting a load cell sensor that can measure up to 2,000 pounds! Some were more successful than others in reaching a high count, but the challenge showed undoubtedly how simple IoT can be to remotely record information that can be used in the field, for example in knowing if your trailers are full or empty.

We look forward to our next MWC and more fun demonstrations – stay tuned!

The BeWhere Team

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