Bluetooth Beacons

Introducing Bluetooth® alternative to active RFID

BeWhere is first to market a solution providing long range (up to 250 meters), weather proof enclosure (IP68 rated) and features rich functionality using Low-Energy Bluetooth®:
  • Locate Inventory through cloud-based mapping platform
  • Find inventory, equipment and tools in buildings / job sites
  • Automate Inventory pick-up and drop-off times
  • Provides sensor (temperature, light, accelerometer) information on goods
BeWhere BTB04 (57 mm x 43 mm x 17 mm)
BeWhere BTB04 (57 mm x 43 mm x 17 mm)

BeWhere Bluetooth Solution Overview

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Track through the Web Portal

  • Real time Inventory / Equipment location with the ability to pre-assign inventory to a specific vehicle, building or job site
  • Distributed Inventory / Equipment map based location information available via web browser.


Our Beacons come equipped with the below features. At BeWhere, we are always trying to improve our hardware and software so keep an eye on what's new!

And more!

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